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Which Tech is Driving the Growing Online Casino Industry in 2018?

By Special Guest
Darrel Rade
May 25, 2018

It’s no secret that the online casino industry has experienced a massive amount of growth in the past few years. Online gambling sites have been with us through each significant technological advancement we’ve seen in the last few years, and rapidly evolving technology has molded the industry into one of the most lucrative on the planet, with more and more people getting involved as time goes by. Mobile apps and virtual reality tournaments now dominate the world of online gaming, eclipsing the simple PC games we once found fascinating. Through it all, customers have remained loyal. So, which technology stands to propel us to the new heights of consumer interest expected in 2018?

IoT Provides Connectivity Between Consumers and Mobile Venues

The number of connected devices exceeds the world’s 
population and will nearly double it in the next few years.

source: Public Gaming Research Institute

2017 ushered in an era of unprecedented profit for online casinos, with revenue reaching 40+ billion dollars. What’s making this possible? All our snazzy new tech, of course. The Internet of Things (IoT) is at the top of the list when it comes to consumer-driven technology. The IoT is a vast network and a rapidly growing trend wherein electronic devices, such as computers, tablets, phones and smart devices, share information with each other on a variety of networks across the community and the entire globe. So, what’s the significance of that in the online gambling industry?

The IoT provides a much-needed platform wherein casino providers can connect directly with their consumers. Although this platform has been around for a long time, it wasn’t until the increased use of mobile devices in online gambling that it became paramount to the industry. Today, mobile devices are among the most popular for playing online games and are continuing to rise in popularity.

New data shows that mobile devices are now more popular
than PCs for playing social casino games
Source: SuperData Research

The connected nature of these mobile devices provides a sort of information superhighway through which online casino providers can monitor players’ experiences with different games. However, the collection of information spans beyond monitoring which games a player enjoys and which games they don’t spend as much time on.

As users play casino games on mobile phones, devices collect and
store data based on personal information and physical response.

Photo by ParampreetChanana, CC0

Smartphones can also monitor physical and emotional reactions to games by using the cameras and touch/pressure sensors on phones. These can track heart rate, facial expressions and other clues that give insight into players’ real reactions that simple surveys cannot. All this information is collected and stored, then examined and turned into the viable data that casinos use through the process of data analytics. Why is data analytics important for online casinos?

Data Analytics Changes the Way We Play

Data analytics has been transforming local and global markets since data collection and processing became available. Traditionally, companies use consumer information to create advertisements, communicate with customers and implement changes in production. By monitoring customers, online casinos can detect trends and make changes accordingly. It’s a competitive market for providers.

By utilizing big data analytics, companies have the potential to engage with audiences in a way that provides a personalized customer experience and startlingly profitable ROI.

As of 2018, the custom-made experience is what the consumer demands and venues are scrambling to provide that as seamlessly as possible. So, who stands to be a big player in the game? Big-name providers like 888 Casino usually have a leg up when it comes to innovative technology, especially tools designed to keep up with consistently evolving consumer needs like data analytics. These venues have the backing they need to conduct research and create an individual experience that appeals to unique audiences.

Almost every online provider uses data analytics in some way to improve the user experience. Even land-based casinos utilize it, but online venues have a leg up when it comes to the process. Why is that? Online providers not only can change the user experience almost instantaneously in real time, they also have access to significantly more information. Online casinos record every iota of data consumers give them, which includes what games they choose, the length of time they spend on each game and when they like to play as well as all their personal information. Age, gender, location — everything is recorded and analyzed. The introduction of the IoT means that they now have access to physical and emotional response data.

By collecting this information, online casino providers can then discover which games are more popular in which locations as well as among each age group and gender. Then they can create specific marketing campaigns that cater to the needs of each group, making the user experience faster, easier and generally, more enjoyable. Consumers can log in and enjoy games suggested for them as well as bonuses and promotions created for their specific sector. Simply put, this all helps to create personalization in every service that online casinos provide.

The Tailor-Made Experience Every Venue Wants to Give

The goal of data analytics is the modern personalized experience that has become expected of the industry. As the years go by and things become more and more convenient, companies strive to take the responsibility off the shoulders of the customer. They want to give a clean-cut and complete package, anticipating the needs of the customer like a waiter in a fine-dining restaurant. The better the restaurant, the better the service. You never have to ask for another drink; your glass is filled before you even notice that it’s empty.

Companies can and even anticipate your needs by using data analytics,
making for a stellar gambling experience you can take with you anywhere.

Photo by Unknown, CC0

Companies create personalized advertisements, offers and rewards based on their compilation of your personal information. And it works surprisingly well. That’s the real goal of data in marketing — to give you what you want (not what other people similar to you may want) as well as something that you might not even know you want yet. Based on your personal statistics and previous behavior, companies can predict where your interests will take you next. And like that waiter, they need to be ready with the glass of water.

It’s only those big-name providers who have a lot to invest can keep up with demand. By utilizing IoT and analyzing consumer data, companies create an awesome experience tailored to fit the exact needs of the consumer. In turn, this draws in more customers, allowing both the companies’ market and the online casino market to continue growing exponentially. 

Edited by Erik Linask
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