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How Technology has Influenced the Gambling and Casino Industry

By Special Guest
Veronica Hanks
September 19, 2018

Gambling dates back to as early as the 9th and 10th century. Staking ones valuables in the wish to win more money or valuable over a card game or through lotto or dominoes first originated in China. But gambling spread far and wide and the first proper casino started operating in Venice, Italy in the early 16th century. From then till now casinos and the gambling industry has undergone a sea of changes.

In 2017 the online betting industry was valued to be a staggering $100 billion. In 2012 the mobile gaming industry saw a serious boom with a staggering 75% growth. In 2014 the mobile gambling industry alone is said to have doubled its revenue gains. With the advent of the mobile apps, while on one hand has seen a great relevance in today's digitized lifestyle, it has seriously hampered the customer list of the traditional betting shops and casinos and bookmakers. Who would spend money to travel down to Thailand or Las Vegas to play a game of poker if you can play poker internationally on your smartphone while enjoying the comfort of your home? So the basic casinos have also invited technology and its many features into their shops and integrated it with their regular gambling machines to give you a more digitized gambling feel.

Digital Betting kiosks are the answer or a one-way solution to attracting customers back to the gambling stores and casino. The digital betting kiosks are a safe and secure technology that allows for casinos and bookmakers to cater to the digital needs of his customer through a user-friendly platform. With the advent of such kiosks, gamblers can now enjoy the features of the mobile app while still enjoying the sociability of the store. Such tablet kiosks like the ones designed by image HOLDERS can be personally customised to cater to one's individual likes, dislikes and betting needs and favourites. It is the one-stop solution where gamblers can play, bet and pay all by themselves without waiting. The digitised kiosks can be designed to scan customer ID, allow for online cash transactions for placing bets and finally provide a printed receipt for the same. It will allow customers to walk into a regular casino, place bets while still enjoying the features of an interactive platform.

The gambling and casino industry has understood the importance of technology and is slowly integrating it into their traditional casino setups to hold onto as well as attract the new-age gamblers. We all love it when someone takes personal notice of our likes and dislikes and tries to satisfy our needs. The casinos are doing just that. With the advent of technology, it is now possible to maintain huge databases of information on each customer that visits the store. Like how frequently they come, which game they usually play, how much they usually bet and so on. So often there is a mail sent out to a customer who has not visited in a while to come and play his favourite game at his favourite slot machine with a free $200 from the store. Technology has allowed casinos to create a world of virtual reality with high-end graphics and super high picture quality and the best sound clarity. But apart from catering to the needs of its customer's technology has also helped casinos immensely in tracking its customers and employees and maintaining their records for future reference. It is now much easier to identify a cheater or a fraud when he walks through your gates by simply checking through your old records. Gambling is a huge industry that deals in money and in such a business every dollar should be accounted for. With the advent of technology maintaining accounts and money, matters have become a piece of cake. So with big data, ECM and virtual reality casinos have benefitted two ways.

But no matter how revamped today’s casinos are the online gambling apps have still maintained their clientele, simply because now you can roll the dice and p lay the cards by a simple touch on your mobile screen and travelling to a casino is not always feasible. Money winning is just a click and a pocket full of luck away and can be won anytime and anyplace. All you need to do is download the app and a whole big casino in Cambodia or in Nepal opens its gates to you right on your mobile screen. G-club is one such online legal casino site based out in Poipet, Cambodia. G-club allows you to play the best gambling games that Thailand has to offer on your desktop or a smartphone without having to travel to Thailand. The services are available 24x7 and with multiple players all across the world. With the advent of such online gambling apps not only has the industry opened its gates to millions of people whether a pro or a novice all across the globe but also allowed for an increase in revenue of the gambling industry many folds. Right from Baccarat to Roulette to Slot online, G-club provides you all with an online registration into its G-club Royal or DC club Royal Casinos. The games are compatible to be played on your regular android phones downloadable from the Google Playstore. These apps give you the exact casino feel with its game times, features, turnovers and many more features while sitting back at home or travelling to work.

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