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5 AI Trends for the iGaming Industry in 2019

By Special Guest
Darrel Rade
October 05, 2018

In late 2017, an opinion run on Forbes spelled the role of artificial intelligence in online consumerism and gaming from 2018 going forward. The most prominent of the predictions in the piece was the place of artificial intelligence in the iGaming industry, which is already too futuristic for its time.

Among other useful predictions when the article run was the place of bots in iGaming going forward. However, the enhanced automation and smart contracts were just as prominent bits of technology predicted to have positive sway.

Well, 2019 is fast approaching and the five trends that are likely to influence the industry now include AI sports traders and the smart assistant.

1. Bots will play a prominent role

Bots have been around for a while. Industry players such as admit to this and anticipate their increased presence especially now that many providers are incorporating a social aspect to the games on offer.

With the trend emerging from the East, and the kind of innovation that social media apps such as WeChat are making to gain a traction of the iGaming industry, an increased application of bots is yet to be witnessed in online games.

2. Automated betting makes a prominent takeover

Autonomous robots were introduced into the gaming industry sometime in 2016 with demos that shook the very foundation of the iGaming industry. However, they haven’t quite gained reasonable traction and are expected to do so post 2019.

Also, with gaming giants such as Nintendo already deep into the thick of the bots space, the iGaming industry can only expect more.

3. Smart assistant applications take center stage

Alphabet, Amazon, Apple, Facebook, and Microsoft, all are waging war for the supremacy of AI. And, the comfort and trust that people now express for technology mean that the line between online and offline existence gets blurrier.

Moreover, machine learning is growing in leaps and bounds. Now, considering how most people now consume entertainment and sports, smart AI assistants championed by the “Big 5” will play a bigger role in iGaming than earlier anticipated.

4. AI sports traders on automation

AI’s image recognition features and its ability to process data a lot faster means that combining the two makes it easy to accurately process events as they happen. With the huge volume of data sets available now, processing aspects such as live feeds, social profiles, camera angles, and such other related information just got easier. Furthermore, these advances may help set markets as well as real-time odds.

Essentially, these developments can only mean that machine learning will have a greater role in iGaming.

5. The Industry will see even more AI applications

Clearly, AI is only refining itself and shall be around for a long time to come. It is very likely that the iGaming industry will witness more granular and precise use cases. Settling bets, pricing odds and determining on-demand markets may soon be a preserve of AI and the bits of technology in this genre.

iGaming has come a long way and its provisions keep getting better. It is clear, however, that it has secured a place as an integral catalyst and ingredient that refines this entertainment segment.

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