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How to Find The Latest Slot Games 2019

By Special Guest
Tony Samboras
October 09, 2018

Online slot machines have come a long way since they were first released in the early 1990s and are now the most popular gambling game available on the web. There are thousands of online casinos where you can play the latest slot games and these types of games rely heavily on the latest technology and due to the massive competition for players, it has fueled massive development in the space. The speed of innovation has never been so fast before which can make it difficult for gamblers to stay up to date with the latest developments. This is why I have written this article to help players find out what is on the horizon in 2019.

Slots Games Design

Slot machines online used to have very basic graphics, sounds, and animation which made them boring to play. The reason for this is that technology was not good enough to be able to produce top quality graphics due to the speed restrictions of the internet. This has changed dramatically over the last decade which has enabled developers to produce outstanding slots that are pleasing to the eye.

In 2019 slots games online are going to become fully immersive thanks to breakthroughs in both Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality. This new tech enables players to be transported to virtual environments which bring a whole new dimension to gambling online. No longer will players sit at screens to watch flat graphics reels spins as VR and AR make it possible to create games that three dimensional. 

Mobile Slots Games 2019

One of the main technological advances that have dramatically increased the popularity of online slots is due to smartphone development. Casino apps are one of the most downloaded applications for mobile phone and slot machines are the most played. It did not use to be possible for games to be played on mobiles but now these devices are more powerful than PCs and Laptops aged just a few years ago.

A great amount of development has taken place by online casino operators to create sites that can work on all devices. Most new sites use HTML5 which makes it possible for games to adapt to any device. In 2019 expect more slots games to use the latest AR and VR tech to create brand new slots games for mobile devices that are the most immersive in history.

The Blockchain And Crypto

One of the main industries exploring all the possibilities that the blockchain and crypto can create is the casino and gambling industry. This sector is always at the forefront of development and already there are much exciting developments using this tech. You can now play slots with provably fair blockchain technology which is impossible to tamper with unlike the current RNG software used by all of the top casino sites. In 2019 expect to see a boom in casino games that use cryptocurrency as these types of games offer many advantages to gamblers not possible via traditional methods.


Technology is evolving at breakneck speed and the future looks bright for gamblers as this new tech is geared towards making a more fair gambling environment. There are many exciting developments such as slot machines with zero house edge and smart contract casinos which are the future of the industry.

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