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Top best mobile devices used for online gaming

By Special Guest
Taylor Lewis
November 20, 2018


Welcome to the era of mobile gaming devices! Nowadays technology has offered gamers a freedom that they could have never dared to imagine a decade ago. Gone are the days of stationary gaming devices and their limitations. Now is the time of online gaming and mobile games.

But what if instead of first-person shooters, you prefer casino games? We have awesome news for you then. All types of casino games are available online. And if you choose to play at an online casino with a stand-alone mobile version, like Jetbull, then you’ll even come across a series of  anyslot games especially designed for mobile devices.  

Whatever your game of choice is, when you are looking for a device to play mobile games online, there are three key attributes you should take into consideration: performance, software and hardware.

Ranking high in the performance test, means that a device can handle large chunks of data with no problem and if you’ll attempt to play more complex games, it will manage to display the graphics correctly and load all levels on time. The screen size, batter capacity, and component producers are the most important hardware indicators. The operating system and app compatibility are the two main software parameters to take into consideration.

After extensive research, here are the top 3 best mobile devices used for online gaming that also ranked best in our tests.

iPhone x is number one on our list. It is both the most used and the highest ranking in our test. The phone was released in October 2017 and, while it might not have the biggest screen size (5.8-inch with 1125×2436 resolution), it performed better than most mobile devices we got our hands on for testing. The 2716mAh battery is a guarantee that you can play your favourite online mobile games all day and all night. With a specially conceived OLEAD screen and user-friendly software interface, it will provide you with the best possible experience.

ASUS ZenPad S8 is second on our top 3 list. The 8-inch screen, the 2048x1536 pixels and the 3950 mAh battery are the three main attributes that brought it here. Basically it has all you could think of – a big screen to better immerse yourself in the game experience, a powerful processor to handle the large amount of data coming its way and a battery that lasts. Just one thing missing, the phone capabilities. Yes, you’ll have to carry a phone if you want to call your friends. 

Nintendo Switch is a console with a 6.2 inches screen, 1.0Ghz processor and 2 GB of RAM. That’s a lot, for such a tiny object, we know. It’s every gamers dream, a mobile console of the new era, with Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connection. Not only that, it can also connect via HDMI. The 4310mAh is impressive and it can hold up to 6 hours per gaming session.

So what device out of the three do you turn to or have we missed your favourite?

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