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With constant advancements in technology, what is the best way to deposit at an online casino?

By Special Guest
Kate Summers
February 27, 2019

The gambling world, like others, is becoming more and more advanced as the technology around it progresses year on year. Such advancements like bet-in-play have taken the sports gambling industry by storm, but now the online casino market is making a number of positive, appealing moves for potential players.

With convenience and security two key factors when it comes to playing any online casino game, companies in the online casino world have seemingly focused on delivering a gaming experience that meets both of those needs by fine tuning the way you can deposit your money and the security around entering your personal details.

The biggest obstacle for any newcomer to the world of online gambling is the prospect of handing over any personal information, especially banking information, so money can be cashed in and cashed out. Concerns tend to be around security and hidden fees some sites have, and these can really hinder what should be a fun and convenient gaming experience.

With all of this in mind, below are a few innovative, user-friendly methods to deposit money at online casinos to enable you to enjoy online casinos without the worry around security and your personal details.

Depositing with eWallets is certainly one of the most popular choices when it comes to depositing money into an account. The process combines both prepaid cards and instant payment services and is seen as a slick and easy way to do things. When it comes to security, many eWallets provide their own too, making it a safe and worry-free experience, on top of the convenience factor also with money being transferred instantly in most cases. There could be fees involved, though, but thankfully most online providers don’t charge players for paying with their e-Wallet.

The top eWallet choices to deposit your money are: PayPal, Neteller, Skrill (Moneybookers), EcoPayz and WebMoney.

Bitcoin is one of the emerging technological advancements referred to previously in this article, with the booming virtual currency growing in popularity with consumers. Bitcoin is acquired through 'mining' via payment processing or purchased from certain outlets. With online casino providers constantly searching for ways to make their payment processors easier for their customers, Bitcoin appears to be the latest solution to that problem.

Pay by SMS is becoming more and more popular with casino fans, especially those who enjoy the convenience of playing on mobile. In fact, this guide from the team at MobiCasinos gives you all the details about using texts to make casino deposits, as well as the listing of the latest bonuses from top mobile casinos. Pay by SMS is certainly the way forward it seems and has been well received by the gambling community, partly down to convenience as all charges can be paid through your phone bill, but also because of its benefits around security.

Of course, the more “old school” methods of depositing money with online casino sites will be favoured by many, such as using pre-paid cards and instant payment services or using a credit or debit card, but they can be a hassle and can put potential players off.

The traditional methods are facing stronger competition as online casinos continually look to improve their offering and keep up to date with the ongoing technological advancements in the industry.

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