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What Can We Expect from the Future of Casino Games

By Special Guest
Joshua Rowley
March 01, 2019

The gambling industry has undergone an amazing transformation over the past 20 years. The emergence of web and mobile technology has made casinos more accessible than ever before, as a result of which nowadays we can play casino games regardless of where we are and what time it is. What is more, encryption and other information protection options have made online gaming sites significantly safer than they used to be.

But how have casino games changed? Well, for one thing, they have become much more interactive and sophisticated. Consider, for example, the way casino games used to be designed 15 years ago and how they are designed today – at present, they are much more entertaining.

Of course, casino games continue to evolve even today, which makes most gamblers wonder how they will look in the future. Our gambling experts from have decided to try and answer this question. And so, the following article explains how casino games will probably look in the future.

Mobile gaming or no gaming

First and foremost, we should pay attention to one trend, which is most likely to change the platform through which gamblers access casino sites. This trend has grown in the past few years and it has to do with mobile gambling, of course.

As you might have noticed already, online casino operators are increasingly focusing on providing players with the greatest mobile casino experience, because gamblers of today rarely play on their PC. What is more, bearing in mind that Millennials are more used to playing app games over PC ones, we can certainly say that mobile platforms will continue to dominate the market.

If mobile gambling continues its upward trend, who knows – in ten years’ time, we might be able to play casino games on mobiles exclusively.

eSports to gather pace

Those who like eSports know that they provide the public with the intensity of a fantasy football and the tension of online war games. eSports emerged several years ago but remained quite unpopular for some time. To put it simply, the only ones who liked them were teenagers. But no sooner than game developers started organising big eSports tournaments than eSports became truly popular; today, they are a multi-million dollar business.

At present, dedicated video game players stream their tournament matches, which is great for those who like to bet on eSports. Furthermore, each eSports tournament is incredibly exciting, regardless of whether it is a DotA or a League of Legends one.

Many experts consider that online casino operators will embrace eSports in the near future, including eSports betting sections on their sites. In truth, we can not say whether betting on eSports will become available at online casinos in the future. Nevertheless, bearing in mind how much the business has grown in just a few years, we can say that it is highly likely to happen.

Skill-based elements in games

As you already know, not all casino games are the same – winning in some games is much more a matter of skill than of luck. Not surprisingly, players love skill-based elements in casino games – that way, they look largely the same as video games. Moreover, skill-based casino games offer more entertainment to casino players than traditional casino games, which are all about winning or losing.

Casino gaming experts believe that the current generation of gamblers (and the future generations to come) will most likely change the way casino games look. To them, slots which lack skill-based elements will disappear completely in the next few years, simply because nobody likes them anymore.

Okay, we talked about skill-based elements in casino games, but what are these elements exactly? For example, slot games of the future might provide an authentic video game-like experience, where winnings are determined by points (the higher you score, the more you win). Game developers might decide to create multiplayer casino games, where players compete with one another to win, and the house takes a percentage of the pot.

More push notifications

Finally, casino games of the future are likely to have push notifications, because of the future of online casino gaming, which, as we mentioned already, is mobile. Essentially, push notifications represent pop-up messages sent from app publishers. Their purpose is to bring one’s attention back to the app, in which they are quite successful.

Online casinos already utilise push notifications, and they do it in a variety of ways, too. For example, bookies use push notifications to show punters the score of the football fixture they have bet on, etc.

Once online casinos move to mobile devices, push notifications will become significantly more popular than they are nowadays.

To sum up, players can expect a lot from casino games in the future. For example, it is highly likely that the casino games of the future will be similar to arcade games in terms of gameplay.

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