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How Technology is Changing Games From Free Bingo to RPGs and More

By Special Guest
Alex Walker
January 22, 2020

A lot of time has passed since Super Mario and Pac-Man first came out. The whole gaming industry has changed and evolved a lot in over three decades. That means that the games have changed as well.

Even though there are people who would like to play some retro games, most people wouldn’t play games that are even just 10 years old. It’s merely because they are used to how video games look and feel right now, and they don’t want to go backward.

Today, there are many different kinds of both online and offline games players can choose from, so everyone can find something that they’ll like.

Online variations of classic games

When video games were first introduced, there were no online versions because, in the 80s, people didn’t have the internet. However, today it’s almost impossible to imagine games that can’t be played online.

Even single-player games now have online versions. But the exciting thing is that many traditional games that weren’t played on a computer also found their way into the online world — for example, games like chess, slots, bingo, poker, and so on.

Today we have better and improved versions of old games, and a lot of people decide to play them online. One of the reasons for this is excellent accessibility. People can now easily connect with players across the planet and play their favorite games online.

Online casinos and their massive popularity

Online casinos have been around for a while – they started gaining popularity in the past three years or so. The first reason for this is that today many gambling games can be played both for free and for real money. If you are looking for free bingo, slots, or even poker, you can find it instantly.

It’s something you could never do traditionally with these kinds of games. The other major reason is that all online casinos today are mobile-ready. They have mobile apps or optimized sites that give mobile players a flawless experience.

Since everyone today uses a smartphone, it only makes sense that people would also start playing games on their phones. On top of that, online casinos have come much further than traditional casinos. They offer many bonuses, rewards, mini-games, and they develop new games players can try out. 

eSports and other video game revenue sources

If you are wondering how sites like House of Fun free slots make money, the answer is quite simple – ads. Most games that are played for free either have ads in them or on-site. That’s why it’s possible to give players games they can play without spending a dime.

On the other hand, there are games that players need to buy to play. The payment usually comes in the form of a one-time online or physical purchase. Some games need to be paid for in the form of monthly subscriptions. These are usually online games like RPGs, MMOs, and so on.

A lot of games have competitions and eSports divisions where professional players compete against each other and earn rewards, including money. A lot of people are willing to watch these events, and the revenue is gathered through streaming, TV rights, and sponsors.

Legal implications

What’s best about all of this is that everything has been made transparent and legal. Online casinos are legal in most countries, just as long as they follow the rules. The rules involve giving information about their games, how they work, what their RTP and hit frequency are, and so on.

Not only does this make it easier for players to find the right online casino, but it also improves security. Casinos want to secure their site and provide their players with the best experience possible. If players get scammed, they can find other options. You can read more about it here.


Digital technologies have changed games in many ways. With the introduction of VR and its implementation, who knows how they will look just five years from now. What are your thoughts? Feel free to share.

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