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Artificial Intelligence and Facial Recognition Could Change How Vegas Casinos Work

By Special Guest
Naeem K. Manz
February 11, 2020

The Las Vegas gambling scene is probably one of the biggest in the world. Casinos and resorts define what the city is all about and with the rise of AI, the good old casino may become more sophisticated than ever before.

Imagine stepping into your favorite casino, walking to one of the tables and being greeted by a machine that knows you by your name. Interactive technology is already making big impacts in the casino industry with the rise of online gambling. But AI could bring this interaction right inside the casino itself.

The applications of AI into casinos and poker online could be massive. However, most industry experts agree that there is more value in incorporating facial recognition into the overall customer experience. For example, a facial recognition system can easily identify customers as they come in.

Facial recognition tech installed on slot machines can also identify and log in VIP players almost automatically. The system may also be used to identify users who have been banned from the casino and locking them out of playing automatically.

Additionally, these systems could offer important data that would help casinos better understand their customers. For example, through facial recognition tech, casinos can track people coming in and classify them based on the regularity of their appearance. This data can then be used to reward loyal patrons with gifts as part of a loyalty program. Just click here to see how this works.

But of course, there are several challenges that such a technology will bring. Many experts argue that the most immediate concern would be patron privacy.

Although people love going to the casino and enjoying the thrill of gambling, they don’t want the casino to keep a detailed record of their attendance, the games they play, and how many times they come to the casino. There is also the question of data privacy. Let’s say for example a casino is able to implement a facial recognition system. It will need to collect important personal identification data from its patrons.

How will that data be protected? Over the last few years, we have seen large corporations with more advanced cybersecurity systems get hacked. Privacy breaches have also engulfed larger companies out there.

It’s hard to believe that a Las Vegas casino won’t be vulnerable to such data breaches. Some analysts, however, see this data as something that can be used for good. One way facial recognition and AI can have a bigger impact on society is on the identification of people with a gambling addiction.

A lot of people don’t even know when they are getting addicted to gambling and poker online. They will never admit they have a problem either. AI can track the gambling habits of each patron and can easily be programmed to figure out who has a problem and who doesn’t.

The casino can then take additional measures to help these people, including limiting their playtime and seeking additional assistance on their behalf. However, all this is just talk. No casino is using AI yet for this purpose but it’s only a matter of time before it happens.

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